This Teacher Misses Class Several Times To Take Care Of Her Sick Dog, And Then She Learns What Her Students Did

Teachers are known for giving their time, energy, and even money when it comes to their students and this is what we are accustomed to when we think of teachers. They want their students to be the best they can be, and that means giving their all to help them. Teaching requires a lot of passion and dedication to carry out the job and have a fulfilling life, but as any teacher knows, the payoff is worth it and cannot compare to any other job.
Giving lectures and grading exams isn’t all there is to being a great teacher. Every part of the job is critical to the education of the students and even the smallest detail can have a great impact on a student’s life without the teacher even being aware of it. Jennifer Marion is a teacher from Raleigh, North Carolina who is totally dedicated to her students and passionate about what she does, and her students know she gives 100%  of her time and energy for them every day. They noticed when she started missing class, which wasn’t usual for her, and then they decided to take a hands-on approach to helping her.

Her students realized that she was missing class because her new rescue puppy, Pearl, was having some serious medical problems and Marion had to stay home to take care of her sometimes. They knew that this was probably expensive, especially on a teacher’s salary, so they came together to help her in a way that will certainly be unforgettable for Marion. I won’t give away the ending to this story by telling you how they did it. It’s really worth watching the video to find out for yourself. It’s a very touching story.

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