Teachers make an announcement to their class. They say they are dating. Check out the next announcement!

Did you like your teachers growing up? I think I liked most of them. I can say that I had good teachers. They were committed to helping us learn. Most of them didn’t assign that much homework, so I guess I was cool with them. I always had the utmost respect for all my teachers. I know that times have changed now, and that respect is one of the things that has changed the most.

Most of my teachers were married, or at least I think they were. We had a couple of get-togethers with teachers back then (Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day), and I can say they were cool. For some reason, you don’t see your teachers the same way you see other people. For starters, most students don’t consider their teachers to be that cool.

I think this has more to do with the fact that teachers give them stuff to do at home, maybe say things that students don’t like, but that they need to be told, and stuff like that. I remember once I went to the movies with my friends and saw two of our teachers, who happened to be married by the way, there at the movies. They were getting some popcorn, and we were just staring at them.

It’s like for some reason, you don’t picture them as having a ‘normal’ life like you do. Some people think that they just go, teach, go home, eat and sleep. Back when I was studying, I didn’t really have any teachers that were any closer to our age range. But I did have a teacher that invited a group of us for a barbecue at his place. He was our math teacher and a really nice guy.

We had a lot of fun. He had a big yard with a dog and a great barbecue grill. We bought potato chips, lots of soda and a lot of meat. We got to meet his wife and his son. They were just like any other family, only that he was our teachers. From that time on, I started to understand teachers more. It takes a lot of patience to become a teacher, especially a good one.

So, when the teachers in the next video started hearing some rumors and had a couple of students ask them about it, they knew they needed to get it addressed. The rumor was that the teacher was dating the math teacher. The male teacher starts to talk and tell the class what the meeting is about. There have been rumors that they have been dating and he wants to set the record straight. Wait until you see what happens next!