Tear Jerker Moment When Boss Does Something For Pregnant Employee Going On Leave. Sniffle!

These days, employees are used to jumping ship if it means they will be getting a huge pay package in return. Company loyalty seems to be flying out of the window and I must confess, companies are not really helping much with this situation. And it is a situation for sure.  With big huge MNC’s being the biggest employers in the area, employer-employee relations are almost non-existent.

Tami Forbes was the mother of 8 year old twins and she worked two jobs to support herself and her family. It was not an easy life and I’m sure it was a tough decision when she had to go on maternity leave. Even though she worked two jobs, she made only $300 a week which now would be reduced as she went on leave.

When her boss, Marcus Lemonis, who also stars in CNBC’s show ‘The Profit’ learned that she was on her feet 9 hours every day to supplement her income as a store manager by working as a bartender, he decided to step in and give her some much needed good news. When an employee goes on leave, more often than not they find themselves without a job when they come back.

Marcus is the boss of the Key West Key Lime Pie Company where Tami worked as a store manger. Before she left for maternity leave, he stopped by to give her a message – which would change her future forever. You HAVE to watch the video to see what he does and her reaction!!! It’s definitely a tear jerker!!

I was so touched when I saw this video – it really is the positive side of humanity that comes to the forefront. You really do have to watch it. And when you do, I would love it if you could tell me if you liked it and what did you think about it. Please send all your messages in the comments section.

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