This Tear-Jerking Video Honors All Of Our Fallen Veterans, You Don’t Want To Miss It!

The brave men and women who serve in the military give their whole lives, they’re own sweat, blood and tears, in order to fulfill a necessary duty that guarantees our safety and our sovereignty as a nation. Sadly, they do not always receive the praise and attention that they, as national heroes, deserve, and back in the year 2008, kelikala, a YouTube user, made and posted this touching video to try and give them some of the recognition that they certainly have earned. Since the time of its posting, it has received over 3 million views already, and it’s easy to see why. It tells us a very powerful message about the duty that these people have fulfilled.

What’s more touching about the video is that it doesn’t only honor the people who join the military to fight, but also shows some appreciation to their families, their parents, their sons and daughters, and everyone who had to lose someone so close to them, for months, years, or sometimes forever, just so that we can have our freedom and our safety. To top it all off, it also features a very moving song by Jo Dee Messina, and just listening to the lyrics already puts tears in my eyes.

Don’t miss this amazing and touching video just below here!

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