Teen Boys Dancing In Tights Pull Off Illusion

Stretchy tights, matching outfits, and few suspenders are all it takes to set up an amazing illusion. It’s so good that these dancers amaze years after their performance. Six teen boys wearing a pair of red tights between two dancers on one side, and a pair of blake tights shared on the other side results in a series of black and red that you won’t be able to stop watching.

Their dance is both remarkably smart and super catchy. The tights are nicely lined up to create a uniform image with the help of suspenders. You’ll be left confused between who’s hanging and who’s dancing, whether anyone is actually hanging at all.

This dance illusion is actually so simple – what a clever red and black twist to put on an unassuming dance. Watching them shimmy to enter and leave the stage is almost funnier than the whole act itself. They’ll be laughing at this well into their adult years.