Teen and his cow lose at state fair but win the heart of millions after taking a nap together

Mitchell is a 15-year-old boy who likes to compete with his cow in shows. He is just a regular kid from the farm. His family has owned their farm for many generations. Although many of his friends would like to move to the big city, Mitchell is just fine with living on the farm. He says life in the farm has everything he could ever wish.

The farm has a lot of different animals that he has gotten to love. There is one, however that has captured his heart from the very start, his cow Audri. He has been taking care of her since he can remember. His dad taught him how to bathe and groom her. They started competing in shows together and have done very well.

Mitchell decides to get enrolled for this competition. He doesn’t always expect to win but he always tries hard. Keeping Audri in competing condition can be an exhausting process. They need to get up every day at 3 a.m. on the three days of competition. This leaves them almost out by the third and final day. After the results are announced, he comes in 5th.

He still feels like a winner…a very tired winner. He decides to take a nap along with his cow after the competition. They find a small barn and take a quick nap. Mitchell’s father decides to snap a picture and posts it on Facebook. He thinks that the picture captures a very touching moment, but has no idea of the frenzy it is about to cause.

The picture starts getting a lot of likes and comments. It had gotten over 15,000 likes by the following afternoon! “Holy cow!” thinks Mitchell. He never thought they could become so famous. If you ask him, he would rather take the 15,000 likes over a better place in the competition. It is very nice to feel all the love and support from his community.

This type of bond is not that common. Cows are not like dogs but according to Mitchell’s mother, it can happen. “I think it’s just when you spend that much time with them, they get really comfortable with you,” she said. For Mitchell, the bond comes as normal as anything can be. He believes the cow likes his company. Maybe they don’t get to come home with the blue ribbon this time, but Mitchell is sure glad they posted that picture. It’s like being famous but without leaving the farm.