Teen Dance Crew Breaks It Down for America’s Got Talent

Brotherhood is something that isn’t always about someone you’re related to by blood. A group of nine best friends has been close from the moment they met five years ago. They’ve come together using their passion for dance to show America what they’ve got.

Gracing the stage of America’s Got Talent to perform for a live crowd and star-studded judges isn’t easy. The gentlemen in Xtreme Dance Force make it look effortless with their friendly demeanor and charm.

The members range from 14 years old to 19 years of age. Moving to a mashup of songs from Usher, Jason Derulo, and Redfoo, the crowd has no idea what they’re about to see. Xtreme Dance Force instantly gets them on their feet with their unbelievable moves.

It’s hard to think of a dance crew that’s more in sync than these gentlemen. They bring a ton of energy, excitement, and surreal movements with their performance. Their routine ends with jaw-dropping gymnastic and acrobatic moves that will have you on the edge of your seat.