Teen doesn’t know military dad is home – the moment she sees him is caught on camera!

A father and daughter’s bond is an extremely special one. A life-long loving relationship with many ups and downs, but ultimately from the moment the little girl is born, it should be unconditional love all the way! A father should always be there to help guide his young family, but this isn’t always possible – particularly if he’s a military man stationed overseas.

Dale Williams is one such dad, who for several months of the year he has to be apart from his little girl. It’s not an easy time, especially considering his daughter is growing up so fast and is now going through the trials and tribulations of her freshman years at Erwin High School in North Carolina. Kendell Williams has to content herself with the fact that her father is doing his duty, but he’ll hopefully be home soon.

It makes it all the more special then when this amazing moment was captured on camera during a high school sports event. Unbeknownst to Kendell, her father Dale had actually come home a few weeks early and decided to surprise her in the most amazing way possible. It’s such a powerful and emotional moment – we’re sure you’re going to need the tissues handy!

Mentioning Dale over the loudspeaker, the announcer calls his name while the camera focusses on Kendall. Kendall – a school cheerleader – clearly believes it’s just a touching tribute to her father and to remind Dale that the community is thinking about him while he’s overseas. What she doesn’t know, is that Dale is marching onto the football field behind her – and the poor thing has got no idea what’s about to happen!

She’s never going to forget the moment she turns to see a man in uniform striding his way over to her, and it takes her a couple of seconds for the penny to drop! But when it does, you can see just how much her dad means to her, as Kendall is in floods of tears, giving him a huge, welcome home hug!

Father and daughter then stand side-by-side as the US national anthem is sung, with Dale saluting and Kendall beaming from ear to ear. She can barely believe that her dad had made it home, let alone pulled off this wonderful surprise. Watch this memorable moment below and share with your loved ones – especially if you or they have family member’s stationed overseas.