Teen Finds Baby Girl In ’50s, Sees Her Adopted. Their Reunion Decades Later Made Me Cry.

Recently, I wrote about a story where someone found a baby who had crawled near a highway. That was quite an amazing tale. This one is just as good, and it spans many decades, with a baby being found and then lost again and then finally reunited with her rescuer many, many years later. Yes, it’s going to be quite moving. Get some tissues ready – I certainly needed them by the time the video ended.

The story begins in the 1950’s with Dave Hickman, who was a teenager at the time, hunting with his grandfather in Indiana. They heard a noise coming from some bushes – like cooing. The teen climbed a fence and took a look – the source was a baby! The little one had only a blanket to protect against the elements and it looked like she was in bad shape.

After she was cleaned up, the baby was adopted by a family and Hickman didn’t see her again for decades. He never gave up thinking about her though, and he even hired a retired sheriff named John Catey to see if he could locate the woman who had been the baby he found. Then one day, Catey called and said the magic words, that he found her. Hickman picked up the phone and called her, and apparently, the waterworks started… for both of them.

I got chills when I saw them reunite. Hickman met Roseann/Suey. It was at a large gathering, and he brought her flowers. They hugged, and it was like they had known each other for decades, not mere minutes. This was definitely a “Dab At Your Eyes” moment for me. The once-teen is now in the twilight years of his life, and I hope that the two of them get to spend as much time together as they possibly can in the upcoming years.

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