Teen finds dying horse trapped in the woods

Several good people always warm our hearts and souls with their selfless acts. However, this story was also about one of those beautiful, heartwarming real-life incidents that will melt your heart. A girl living in Illinois and her horse, later named Sonny, recently garnered much attention online.

However, what was so special about the two of them? It may seem to others that they had known each other for a while. But the truth was, they had recently met on a fateful day. Kelsey, a teenager, was traveling with her mom in their trailer. The duo was going to their next swap meet.

However, the teenager’s mom had mistakenly taken a wrong turn and took an alternate route to the flea market. While they traveled along the new way, the family noticed a mare lying on the side of the road.

The mom and daughter decided to stop their trailer and look at the poor animal. Kelsey and her mom were instantly worried after finding the horse in such a sorry state. The poor animal was so thin and was scrounging for food.

They even found whip marks on the mare’s body. The thought that some people could hurt an innocent animal like this was outrageous and beyond belief for the duo. It might be that the previous owners were not getting any benefit from the poor animal and decided to dump her in a ditch.

However, Kelsey and her mom thought that the mare might have escaped from her previous abusive owner to find food. The teenager felt terrible for the young foal. The duo brought their own trailer to pick up the horse, but they could not make the mare get in because she had collapsed in the ditch. Kelsey only had the option of walking the ailing animal home, but it was improbable that she could make it.

However, Kelsey somehow managed to coax the young foal to get home. They walked around 9 miles before they reached their destination. The teenager named the horse Sonny and ensured that the colt ate and drank properly. The young one slept for 5 days making the family worried. Kelsey prayed the whole time for Sonny to be safe. Soon her prayers were answered, and Sonny woke up to become a healthy horse.

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Teen finds dying horse trapped in the woods