Teen Girl Has Horrific Crash With Drunk Driver. I’m Still Stunned At What Happened Next.

There are some scenarios that just give me chills thinking about them. Being buried in an avalanche. Being trapped in a coffin. Basically any situation that involves being stuck and my movement being severely restricted. That would qualify me as being claustrophobic, I guess. I have nothing but respect for the people who did deal with these situations and survive. Though it seems like they might have gotten some divine help. Like the teenager in this video.

It was a nightmare for Missouri teenager Katie Lentz. She was driving when a drunk driver hit her car head on. Her car was mangled beyond recognition and she was trapped inside. The local fire department got there and started using the Jaws of Life to get her out. This is a very dangerous situation, especially if the car is in as bad shape as hers was. The fire chief had promised both Lentz and her mother that she would be safely removed. Could he keep his word?

Things looked grim for Lentz. The tools were not working and the firemen were at their wits end. She asked them to pray aloud for her. She did… and a priest showed up with ointment. He asked if he could pour it on her. The fire chief was reluctant since it might send the wrong signal to Lentz that they were administering last rites when that wasn’t the case. He was allowed to do it and then in the blink of an eye, another fire company arrived with better equipment to extricate her. She had a lot of broken bones, but she was had surgery and recovered. People wondered if the priest was an angel, since he didn’t appear in any pictures.

It turned out that the “angel” was indeed a real person. His name was Rev. Patrick Dowling from a church in Jefferson City. He even met with Lentz in the ICU. Of course, there is one coincidence here that is too large to ignore. The reverend’s last name is Dowling. He even looks a little bit like Tom Bosley, who was the lead in “Father Dowling Mysteries” in the late 1980’s -early 1990’s. All I have to say there is “Hmmm”

What a cool video. It’s quite possible that this priest got a little bit of heavenly nudging, isn’t it? Do you agree or disagree? Please leave your thoughts below.

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