Teen And Grandfather Find Abandoned Baby. His Search For Her Years Later Amazed me .

What would you do if you suddenly heard a crying baby in the woods near you? Someone has left a human baby to die and you have to do something. Dave Hickman, who was 14 years old at the time, faced that dilemma in 1955. His decision and then subsequent decades-long search, shows what an incredible human being he is. This video is one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen.

Hickman, who was a teen back in the 1950’s was out with his grandfather, heard what sounded like cooing from the bushes. He climbed a fence and looked down to see a baby, only wrapped in a blanket. She was sopping wet and her lips were blue. The two men got the baby to the proper authorities. After being taken to an orphanage she was named Roseann. A week later, Hickman had to say goodbye as she was adopted. He spent until 2013 looking for her and his last ditch effort of hiring a retired sheriff by the name of John Catey paid off.

I can’t imagine what it was like for Hickman all those decades, seeing Roseann’s face in his mind’s eye. He grew from a teen to an adult to a senior citizen in that timespan. When he got that phone call that Catey had found Roseann, whose name had been changed to Mary Ellen Suey, all those years must have felt like a flood was being drained and he could truly live again. The video of their reunion brought tears to my eyes.

Although Hickman is a hero for spotting Roseann/Suey, another unsung person is his grandfather, who was the one who got her into the proper care. He probably went to his grave knowing that he had done a good thing for another person. The two of them literally saved another life, since Suey herself said that she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for them. As Hickman noted – the story had a happy ending.

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