Teen helps senior citizen pay for groceries

Teo Jordan, an 18 year old high school senior, works at the local grocery store to save up money for a car that he wants.

Random acts of kindness can come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to learn from the example of others, and sometimes it is a good reminder that there are nice people out there who are always willing to help.

At his local grocery store, a young 18-year-old high schooler works as a bagger. His name is Teo Jordan and he is determined to save up so he can afford a car for himself one day. So he works hard and does a good job of it.

One day while he was working, he noticed an elderly man at the cashier who seemed to be having some sort of issue. Upon close inspection, Teo finds out the senior doesn’t have enough money to pay for all his groceries. The elderly man asks the cashier to return some of the items instead since he didn’t have enough.

Teo at this moment knows he has 35 dollars in his pocket and realizes that he can make a huge difference by offering this man help. That is exactly what he does. He offers to help pay for the groceries and the elderly man happily accepts his generosity. Teo, despite working hard and saving up, didn’t hesitate to help a stranger in need.

The random act of kindness definitely helped the elderly man with his troubles. Teo may not have known his story, he may even have helped pay for a family’s groceries. What mattered to him was being generous. At the end of the day, we should all aspire to be as selfless as him.

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Teen helps senior citizen pay for groceries