A teen picks an awesome song to perform in a talent show. Watch how it ends!

The biggest step that a person can take in pursuing his dreams is certainly the first one. Many people possess immense talent but never get to see their dreams come true because of fear. When we let our own fears and insecurities take over, we are really turning into our worst enemy. But what can a person do in this case? Is there a way of avoiding stage fright?

For many young people, the answer lies in what is known as a life coach. Life coaches provide people with the necessary tools to overcome fears and outline what they want to accomplish in life. You might think that life coaches are not necessary, but there are many people who have benefitted from them. With the help of life coaches, people have discovered the roots for most of the problems that plague them.

Once they know what is causing the problem, they can address it with more confidence. At times, some people rely on their family instead of these coaches. Their families are the ones who know them best and can make them see many obstacles that may be holding them back. Now, there are times when they don’t really need anybody to assist them with this. They can overcome physical and mental issues to become the best they can be.

Check out the case of Jared Watson. His dream is to one day make it to Nashville and pursue a career in music. He’s doing everything he can every day to get one step closer to his dream. To start, he has decided to take part in his high school’s talent show and practicing non-stop at home. His parents are very supportive and say that Jared has always had the “musical bug” in him.

But it has not been easy for Jared, he has a genetic disease, which is called spinal muscular atrophy. This condition controls his voluntary muscle movement and affects his nervous system. This causes Jared to be bound to a wheelchair where his muscle movements tend to be limited. The only thing that is not limited is his voice.

When he was asked what his song of choice was going to be for the talent show, he said it would be “I Told You So” by Randy Travis. He loves this song because it recounts the heartbreaking tale of two long lost lovers. Jared is from Nashville, and it is there that the song was made famous in 2007. The song has a little bit of everything. It has drama, love, and power. Check out Jared’s rendition of this song and get ready to remember that special person in your life!