Teen returns woman’s lost purse, she repays him with $3,000

The daily news cycle can feature many negative stories. It is always welcome when a positive news event makes the nightly broadcast. This story proves there are still good Samaritans in the world today!

The newswoman starts the story by saying, ‘A California teen performs a good deed by driving to a woman’s house to return a lost purse.’ They interviewed Melina Marquez, the woman who lost her purse.

Melina said, ‘There’s hope for our younger generation!’ Melina said a teenager rang her doorbell after finding the purse in a shopping cart at the grocery store. Not every teen would be so willing to return a found bag.

The driver’s license inside the purse belonged to Melina’s friend, Eliana Martin, who used to live with her. Thankfully for Melina, her friend didn’t update her address since she moved out.

So, Melina’s aunt opened the door for the hero teen. Melina and her aunt wanted to reward him, but they had nothing for him. They sent the ‘Ring’ doorbell video from the night he returned the purse to social media to find his identity.

Finally, they discovered the kind teen was 17-year-old Adrian Rodriguez. They asked Adrian why he didn’t reveal his name earlier, and he said, ‘My mom always told me to do the right thing even when no one is watching.’

Melina and Eliana set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ for Adrian with the hope of it reaching 1,000 dollars. Soon after it was established, it got over 3,000 dollars. This California teen who did the right thing was rewarded in a feel-good news story.

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Teen returns woman’s lost purse, she repays him with $3,000