Teen Secretly Captures Funny Father Belting Out Classics. What She Managed To Save, Shocked All.

Talent comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Whether a four-year-old who sings perfectly in pitch and demonstrates a mastery of range or a loving dad decides to reaffirm a strong bond with his lovely daughter, the result is emotionally powerful. If you have a good reason to sing, it comes from the heart, but you hit a few flat notes- I’d rather have that. Because in all the “flaws” or quirks a person has, if they are being genuine, if they mean it with all their heart and soul, that’s way more personal. If they can be themselves in front of you and find acceptance- that’s love. Something we seem to be using sparingly in some cases.

Our story starts in Fort Worth, Texas. Kris Jones and his daughter sing a popular song by George Jones’ “Tennessee Whiskey.” If some think of this as an homage to his daughters influence in his life, I think I would have to agree. Parents are people too, mistakes are bound to happen, admitted or not. Yet, he seems to confront the song with such a sincere form of honesty, while also being emotionally charged by it. Kids tend to change any plans you may have had. For some, they find that the choice between parenthood and some of their less savory enjoyed activities can make quite an impact. His daughter seems pretty content with how her dad turned out, so I’m assuming it may have a bit of relevance as to the song choice. When you hear his range, Oh. My. Gosh.

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