Teen Spends WHOLE Paycheck In 1 Day, But When I Saw What She Spends It On

Christmas truly is the season to be jolly. For some families, it’s not always like that. There are times when money is an issue and Santa is not able to visit all of them. We are constantly bombarded with ads trying to sell us something. Christmas is supposed to be all about sharing, right? There is this element or peer-pressure to get things on children as well as in adults.

Whenever the going gets tough, having to give your kids the sad news is frustrating. As parents, we want our children to have at least most of the things they want. Not having anything to have for dinner is one thing, but no presents? Sometimes there is no option.

Some of us have heard stories of people who visit homeless people on Christmas. They provide them with blankets, a hot meal or even a little present. The idea is to spread a little love, to be selfless. People who have the blessing of doing that really feel compensated by the smiles they bring and the hope they light up in people’s eyes.

When you can change somebody’s day like that really feels like Christmas. Parents who are on the other end of it, have it tough. How do you tell your children Santa is not going to stop by? You must answer all those questions: Why is Santa coming to my neighbor’s house? He doesn’t behave well at all, does Santa have favorites?

For Jacob and his family, that’s exactly what was going to happen. Jacob and his siblings are anxiously waiting for Santa this year. They have made a list of what they would like. Jacob himself has asked for some games which he hopes to get. He and his mother go to the supermarket where they meet Abby. Abby works there and while making small talk, asks Jacob what he wants for Christmas. Jacob’s mother turns around and says that they had that conversation earlier and that Santa is not coming to their house.

Abby knew then that she had to do something. She asked Jacob for his number and went straight to work. She decides she will work overtime to get as much money as she can. She was already working, so she thinks every dollar she earns would be of help. After her shift, she gets ready and buys some things. She then goes to visit Jacob and his family. You won’t believe what she did with the money.