Teen starts filming her dad in the car. What happened next, made the video go viral.

Talent comes out of many unexpected places in America. The only thing is how you find them or how they get discovered. Fortunately, for many people, there are plenty singing competitions like America’s Got Talent, where people who otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance, get one. They have provided a lot of people with the stage they need to show the world their talent. Once they performed, they get called in for other auditions, shows, and even record deals! What more can you ask for, right?

But this doesn’t mean that all talented people want to go audition. They hold different castings around the country, but I’ve seen that stage and it looks very intimidating. There are other people who don’t even want to be famous. For them, being able to sing for themselves and their families is good enough reward. They are happy and have no plans for trying to reach stardom.

They might be too shy or have other goals. I remember many years ago watching many people who were unknown back then, perform in front of the camera, get discovered and then reach stardom. One of them was Justin Bieber. I remember seeing him way back when he was a kid who loved singing and it showed.

There were other singers that made it to stardom without them having hoped to be there in the first place. One of them was a father that made a few videos of himself singing. The first video that I saw, has a sweet story. He pulls over to the side of the road a few minutes before he will start his song. He says he will be dedicating the song to his wife.

His wife loves to hear him sing, and he explains that he just received a call from his wife asking him to sing one special song. Even though he was not that known for his singing just yet, he takes time to say a few words to the camera. You can see the beautiful relationship that he has with his wife, as he dedicates the song to her and opens up his heart. He then starts singing, and let me tell you something, I was not expecting that voice.

He later became very famous for the next video. He is seen sitting in his truck with his daughter. His daughter is filming him singing ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ in the car. As soon as she uploads the video, it goes viral and lands him on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The dad thinks it will be a video shown to family and friends. But when all the world got to listen to Kris Jones, that’s when he got a call from Ellen inviting him on her show. Since then, people got to know more about him and his music. This was the video that got him on the show, and all those likes and shares.

It’s just a dad, his daughter, and a song. Truly something you need to hear to believe!