Teen Swing Dancers Take First Place With Dazzling Routine

Teen Dancers

You are not going to believe this incredible US Open Swing Dance Championship performance! Alexis Garrish and Ryan Boz, both only 15 years old, perform this amazing swing dance and take the top prize.

Every move in their routine is flawless. The judges and audience watch in awe for every step. At the end they flung themselves into each other’s arms, because even they were impressed by their performance.

The judges made their rulings. The scores popped up on the screen. Jaws literally dropped. This memorable moment is caught on video so you can share in this experience with these talented young dancers.

Ryan Raleigh, NC & Alexis Damascus, MD have been dancing together now for a year. They did a fabulous performance, doing mostly their own choreography and commanded the floor with their lines, patterns, musicality and showmanship! They won the 2015 US Open Swing Dance Championships held in Burbank, CA. in the Young Adult Division. This is the highest West Coast Swing Honor that can be achieved.

Ryan has between traveling nationally, and acting manages to be a good student and a wonderful big brother and mentor for his younger brother Gavin who has special needs. Ryan donates time to helping kids (some older than him) learn how to partner dancer and Hip Hop which Ryan knows helps young people with confidence, grace, and social skills.

Alexis is trained in many forms of dance. She started Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, & Hip Hop at age 5. She then went onto learn Country where she competes still today. She is a 5 time 8 dance World Champion to include 2step, Polka, Triple 2, Nightclub, Cha, Waltz, East Coast & West Coast Swing. She is one of the youngest highest ranking West Coast Swing Dancers in the World. Both are Sophomores in high school. Alexis is on the Varsity Pom Squad. She also coaches/volunteers for the local Pony Poms Squad! Kids these days right?! Wow!

Check out this video below and share in the joy, then share it with a friend — after you catch your breath that is. Whoa!

Teen Swing Dancers Take First Place With Dazzling Routine