A teen takes the stage to sing. Simon asks him to look at the seat next to his mother.

Out of all the judges on Got Talent shows, Simon is the one that has garnered more attention in all these years. Maybe it has been because he is the type of judge who doesn’t sugar-coat any criticism. For him, it is better to tell contestants things as they are than to give them false expectations regarding their performance.

He has been often accused of being mean and rude. But there is still something about him that has managed to win-over audiences while making the show one of the most popular ones of its kind. Remember he is not only a judge but one of the show’s producers. So, it is in his best interest that only the top performers in the auditions make it past to the next round.

His judgment has been tested several times and his wit and wisdom about the music industry have helped him remain current when it comes to an ‘expert’s nose for talent’. One of these cases would be the case of Reuben Gray. He had received the opportunity to audition on the smash hit show “Britain’s Got Talent.” He was very pumped up for this chance. For him, it represented a long journey that had landed him on the grandest stage he knew.

This moment also came with a bitter taste for the contestant. Unfortunately, the father of the sixteen-year-old singer/songwriter was not going to be able to attend his audition. Reuben knew this was his best chance to show the world what he was made of, but it would not be the same without his dad in the crowd.

Gray decided to sing one of his original compositions. It was a song entitled “Lifeline”. He had rehearsed the song several times, so when it came time for his audition, he was more than ready. He thought about not auditioning because his dad would not be around, but he knew this was too big of an opportunity to pass up. He had a very unusual request for the audience, he would like to be given the chance to call his father after he had finish singing.

He was so nervous before his performance that he failed to realize that he might be the target of a surprise Simon had been preparing for him. He stepped onto the stage not knowing what was going to happen but sure that he would be performing for the lovely audience in attendance. Before Reuben sat down at the piano to start playing his original song, Simon asked him a question that would be of utmost importance. It would show the softer side of Simon, one side that we almost never get to see!