Teen-twin watches her sister play piano, then joins in changing the entire performance

Twins, or should I say DOUBLE TROUBLE can be a lot of fun. They can get up to all sorts of tricks without their poor unsuspecting parents knowing what they are up too. There have been many clips on YouTube featuring twins and their antics, and are pretty much all fun to watch. As we know, twins, especially identical twins, have an amazing connection with each other. They seem to be able to communicate without talking. I once remember seeing an interview with a pair of twins where they would take turns in finishing off each other’s sentences. It was as if they knew what each other was thinking. The connection that twins have is something that is very special, yet not very well understood.

Now here are some things about twins that you may not know………you know…….technical stuff. There are different types of twins. Firstly there are the “monozygotic” twins, these are twins that are identical and develop from one zygote that splits and forms two embryos, then there are the “dizygotic” twins who are known as fraternal twins that develop from two separate eggs. In the fraternal twins’ case, each egg is fertilized by its own sperm cell.

Right, now we have cleared that up, let’s take a look at the twins featured in the clip below. Now as we know, twins love to play tricks on anyone that they can, and let’s face it, twins can get away with all sorts of mischief. Identical twins, Angelina and Ashely Leyva are a pair of spritely-teens that are both talented musicians and would-be actresses. In the clip, they are visiting a music shop that specializes in pianos, they casually walk in then get up a little speed as they run to the brightest-red piano you have ever seen.

Twin number one, I am not sure which is which unfortunately, another trick, sits down on the bench and starts to bang away at the keys. Twin number two watches on nonchalantly, as if she is bored with the whole thing, the pushes her sister over and takes over the keyboard. Now twin number one, not to be outdone, races across to another piano and joins in with the little boogie piece that they are both playing. Twin number two then decides to swap pianos again and takes over on the second piano while twin number one goes back to play the bright-red instrument, all the time neither of them missing a beat.

Are you getting confused yet? I am….It’s probably easier if you just click on the link below and see for yourself the shenanigans that these-two-talented-teens get up too. I think it might be fun to be a twin, what do you think?