This Teenage Boy GRABS Her Onto The Dance Floor. What Watch Closely What He Does Next..

I can clearly remember going to my first ever high school dance, which consisted mostly of teenagers holding up the walls with their backs. Shyness, lack of dance skills, and just an overwhelming feeling to be “cool” usually kept me from the dance floor.  I was only really willing to even try it out when a slow song came on and even then I’m sure that the girl’s feet are still hurting.  Dancing takes a lot of training and time to master so what was to be expected?

Probably the same as you would expect when a 14 year old boy asks a grown woman out onto the dance floor. As you’ll see, this woman was just enjoying a concert when out of the blue a 14 year old boy asks her to dance. Out of courtesy, she agrees and I’m sure she had no idea what was about to happen. No one did!

The 14 year old boy instantly takes control and has the lead moves of a seasoned professional. The best part of the video is the stunned look on the woman’s face as he twists and turns her to the beat of the music coming off the stage. As the dance progresses you see that the boy’s footwork is immaculate and that the woman has had her mind blown completely.

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