How This Teenage Boy Startles His Little Kitten Is Hilarious. Now Watch This Funny Kitten Startle His Pop, Downright Precious!

Games have been integral to forming bonds since long ago, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt. The earliest known recorded game, was The Royal Game of Ur. This game was said to be astronomically significant and even religious, some say. Even to this day all sorts of games are played with a variety of mediums. From board, dice, card, to console, pc, phone.

The adorable, seemingly young cat just wants to help his dad. Their task is to raid, pillage, and plunder with an emphasis on conquering. The game League of Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena. You can go on quests and fight the opponents of the Champion, namely you. With the help of some friends or going it alone, you can write your story for your Legend. It is quite a fun game though I would definitely rather play with this cat on my side.

The “Champion” is focused on his opponent, innocent baby kitten watches safely from his lap. As the screen flashes The Champions many foes come into sight, he agilely pounces. As he bravely attacks, vanquishing foe after foe a voice chimes in. The confused kitten looks behind himself to hear a dissatisfied, “No.” His comrade in arms appears to have been hit, as wave after wave of enemy approaches. Even in the midst of defeat, this determined cat furiously fights on.

The young man quickly grabs the cat, trying to save his online character while he still can. This moment in itself is already close to home. You have a task in mind or some deadline you are trying to beat and low and behold, it is time to pay attention to the ball of love.

With a heroic roar, he leaps once again into the action Yet again; he was pushed to the sidelines. This will not kitten’s resolve, assistance will be given whether he needs it or not. With this adorable ball of fluff helping, I am sure he will beat the game in no time. What did you think? Pl ease leaves a comment below.

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