This Teenager Brings Home A Very Unique Creature. Weeks Later, She Gets A Huge Surprise

When you’re considering your options for adopting a pet, you usually mull over the usual choices, like a dog or a cat. Maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll consider something more exotic like a chinchilla or a hedgehog. This young lady, however, had a completely different idea. When she was on her way to school one morning, Tumblr user Oddity came across a fascinating discovery. She spotted a bright yellow caterpillar that was different than any she had ever seen before.

She named her new friend Chicken Nugget, doing as much research as she could, eventually determining that he was a spicebush swallowtail caterpillar. This breed tends to turn yellow before cocooning up in a chrysalis. The new pet-owner built Chicken Nugget a terrarium to ensure that he was comfortable before entering the next phase of his life. She documented his life on social media, causing others to fall completely in love with him.

Oddity realized that caterpillars can be magnificent, intriguing pets. Every day, she watched Chicken Nugget learn something new, like how to balance on a branch. She played music for him to try and keep him relaxed as he prepared to move forward in this stage of life, both anxious and excited about what would come of Chicken Nugget’s transformation. One morning, Oddity found her beloved caterpillar had finally become wrapped up in a chrysalis, leaving her with nothing to do but wait and observe.

Two weeks later, Chicken Nugget emerged as an incredible butterfly with a wingspan that was nothing short of stunning! After posting photos online to share with the world, Oddity and her friends discovered that Chicken Nugget was gynander, meaning the butterfly held both male and female traits.

Though Oddity had become very attached to her new friend, she knew it was time to set Chicken Nugget free. Watch the beautiful butterfly’s release for yourself and share this touching story with your friends! Then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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