Teenager Bullies Woman On Subway. He Picked on The Wrong Woman

Public transit is one of those things people love to complain about. But in New York, the subway is in much better shape than it was 35 or 40 years ago. Since then, some long-overdue maintenance has finally been done. Crime is way down, and trains are no longer covered from top to bottom, inside and out by graffiti. Nowadays the system has become a victim of its own success: ridership has soared and overcrowding now a major problem on many lines.

But for all the improvements, you still never know what to expect when you go for a ride on the New York City subway. Crazy stuff still happens; sometimes it’s funny, sometimes not. In the video we’ve posted for you below, you’ll see one of those not-so-funny incidents.


We don’t know how it started, but a teenage boy and a young woman are having a verbal altercation, and it was pretty clear that he was the aggressor. In classic bullying fashion, he uses foul language and tries to get in her space physically. She could have given in or ignored him (easier said than done), but it’s looking like she’s of a mind to stand up for herself.

Meanwhile, the other passengers aren’t doing anything to defuse the situation or put the young punk in his place. Instead, they’re just watching and in some cases recording it on their phones. The teenage bully eventually goes too far, putting his hands on the woman’s shoulders and shoving her backward. Almost instantaneously, she whips out a can of pepper spray and gives him a good blast right in the face, sending him reeling and howling in pain.

Teenager Bullies Woman On Subway. He Picked on The Wrong Woman