Teenager Trained Her Cow To “Jump Like A Horse” What Happened Then? You NEED To See THIS!

Regina Mayer from Laufen, Germany always wanted a horse. This 15 year old was raised on her family’s farm, and ever since she was young, she desired to own a horse. But when her parents didn’t indulge her wish, she thought of a really unusual alternative. It might sound weird and even downright crazy, but this teenager somehow managed to train a cow!

You are not going to believe your eyes when you see this for yourself! Regina selected a well-tempered cow from her family’s farm – Luna. She tried to establish a regular human interaction by taking the cow on several walks in the woods. She even got her accustomed to riding equipment. Slowly but surely, she taught herself to ride Luna, and taught Luna to be acquainted with her. Via her extensive routine of grooming, petting, and riding practices; Regina had trained Luna to follow commands and jump obstacles within two years!

Watch the video! Have you ever seen a cow do something like that before? Never in my life had I imagined seeing something like this! Share your thoughts about this story in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!


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