Teenager Walks Nine Miles To Save An Abandoned Horse

One morning when Kelsey and her mother were on their way to a swap meet, they had to take a detour down a road they don’t normally use. Then they saw something out of the ordinary on the side of a country road., and fortunately for this animal, Kelsey and her mother are kind-hearted people who took a detour that day. They stopped their vehicle when they noticed the visibly malnourished horse lying defeated on the ground. The poor animal was in a devastating state and it looked like she was abused as well. The duo knew that couldn’t leave the horse alone, but she was a big animal, so they had to think about how to save her.

Kelsey and her mom tried their best to put her in the trailer, but the horse was terrified and they couldn’t get her to cooperate. But Kelsey didn’t give up on her.  She seemed to respond well to Kelsey when she wasn’t trying to put her in the trailer. Maybe her history of being loaded onto a trailer was one reason she was terrified, but we will never know. This Illinois teen walked the helpless animal to her home, nine miles away, to safety. She nursed her back to health and even slept in the barn with the horse for five nights. She didn’t want her to be alone and scared during the recovery.

Kelsey’s devotion has transformed Sonny into a totally different horse. Watch this heart-warming story and let us know what you thought of it through the comments! We’d love to hear from you!