Teenagers on bicycles chase down a kidnapper and rescue a little girl

If you think heroes are a thing of the past, you’re being overly pessimistic. When a little girl was kidnapped two teenagers didn’t hesitate to come to the rescue.

Five year-old Jocelyn was playing in her front yard when a man drove up and lured her into his car with the promise of ice cream. For the next two hours, police and other first responders scoured the Lancaster, Pennsylvania neighborhood looking for her. 15 year-old Temar Boggs and a friend were helping someone assemble furniture when a man showed up and asked if they’d seen the missing girl. Soon, they and some other friends were out helping with the search. They looked all over one area where they were told she might be, but after a good half-hour, no luck. After returning home, Temar had a gut feeling that he was going to find the girl, so he and a friend resumed the search, this time in a new direction.

Temar and his friend were on their bicycles and were only about a half mile from where they started when they spotted the little girl in a sedan. For the next 15 minutes, they gave chase. The kidnapper was quick to realize he was being followed and was doing his best to be evasive, darting down side streets and then turning back around. Finally the kidnapper decided he’d had enough. He stopped, let Jocelyn out of the car and then sped off. She came right over to Temar and told him she needed her mom. At first he had her on his shoulders but after he realized that wasn’t very safe, he switched to carrying her while walking the bike. When he got her to the first responders, she didn’t want to leave his side but Tamer assured her everything was okay and that they were going to take her to her mom.

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