Teenagers perform The Eagles’ ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ in jawdropping guitar cover

Josh Turner and Carson McKee

Something about a lovely acoustic guitar duo brings joy to people’s ears. Especially when the guitar players are genuinely talented, it’s a unique sound that’s always great to listen to.

Josh Turner and Carson McKee

In this video, Josh Turner and Carson McKee have a good time doing a blues cover of Life in the Fast Lane by Joe Walsh from the famous Eagles album, ‘Hotel California.’

It’s not every day that you see two kids of this age show such a passion and knowledge for the American Blues style of music. Perfectly encapsulating the blues sound, these two are truly talented.

Josh Turner and Carson McKee

As a unique cover of this song, it might be one of the best versions ever. Singing in unison and solo at times, the two kids definitely know how to make an impressionable sound.

Even breaking out into a solo at one point, these guys are very skilled at the acoustic guitar. There’s just something about that twelve-bar blues that speaks directly to your soul.

The best part is that you can tell that these two kids are genuinely having fun while performing. Their character and charisma shine through in this video and show their great dynamic.

It’s great to see classic songs like this not only being honored and covered by a younger generation but being done so in a way that pays respects to a proper American art form, the twelve-bar blues.

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