Teens In Car Hope Pretty Blonde Is Flirting With Them, Realize She’s Mouthing ‘Help Me!’

Aaron Arias and his friend Jamal Harris, young men from Dallas, were cruising along the highway when they noticed a pretty blond woman in the car next to them. Young men’s hormones being what they are, the two guys couldn’t stop admiring her. But then a blood-curdling moment: they realized she wasn’t merely staring back at them, but trying to signal for help!

19 year-old Arias immediately called 911. “Yes, I’m on the highway. I’m witnessing a robbery. Not a robbery, a kidnapping.” He then tells the dispatcher how he and his friend were “checking out” the attractive woman in the backseat of another car when they noticed that she was mouthing “Help me!”

Our young heroes were able to follow the car for miles and miles along highway 175. This was one of those rare occasions where someone was actually eager to see a police car in their rearview mirror! On the 911 tape, we hear Arias: “Oh, my God, I’m hoping the car behind me is a police car!” Arias stayed on the line while the police swung into action. A few minutes later, the cops stop the alleged kidnapper’s vehicle. They arrested Charles Atkins Lewis, aged 37, and charged him with kidnapping the 25 year-old woman at gunpoint as she left a party at her office building. Although she must have been seriously traumatized by the incident, we’re glad to report that the woman was otherwise unharmed.

We’ve posted video of the segment that appeared on Good Morning America. You can hear the dramatic 911 call for yourself.

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