Teens duet of Dolly Parton’s ‘There Was Jesus’ country hit

Teens duet Dolly Parton’s ‘There Was Jesus’

These teens delivered a beautiful version of the song ‘There Was Jesus’ by Dolly Parton and Zach Williams. The gospel hit is an uplifting melody for anyone in need of comfort.

The song ‘There Was Jesus’ was originally performed by Dolly Parton and Zach Williams. This teen vocalist duo gave a wonderful and breathtaking rendition of the gospel hit.

In the video, the beautiful duo, Reese Oliveira and Easton Shane sing their hearts out. The song’s uplifting message is clear, God is with us each and every day. Whether you’re having a tough day or not, the lyrics to the song are quite encouraging.

Teens duet Dolly Parton’s ‘There Was Jesus’

Zach Williams was the original author of the song and he thought Dolly Parton would be the right person to lend her vocals to the gospel hit. Upon hearing the first lines of the song, Parton didn’t need any convincing as she decided that she would sing the song.

The two talented teen vocalists didn’t disappoint either when they decided to give a heartwarming performance of the uplifting gospel hit.

Having garnered more than eleven thousand views, this song is truly the much-needed inspiration anyone facing trials and tribulations might want to listen to. Jesus was there when other people needed him and he will be there when you need him. All you need is some faith.

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