Teen’s Gift of Guitar to Friend with Down Syndrome Goes Viral

As part of a news initiative called ‘Feel Good Friday,’ a person deserving of special recognition is honored every week. East Idaho News recently received an email from Shelby Murdock, who wrote about a special person.

Shelby wrote, “Dallin Polatis is a 16-year-old guitar student at her school. He takes weekly private lessons and is the best student. His teacher challenges him every week. He takes the critique and improves without a complaint.”

Shelby continued, “He has been telling his guitar teacher about his friend who has Down syndrome. They have become close friends lately because of their shared love for the electric guitar.”

So Dallin has taken to teaching his friend during downtime at school. His friend doesn’t own a guitar, but he eagerly takes the lessons. Dallin’s friend was expecting to get a guitar at Christmas.

However, when the two friends returned from Christmas break, Dallin noticed his buddy didn’t get a guitar and was sad. Dallin put some cash together and went to Shelby’s music store to buy his friend a guitar and amp for $300.

Shelby didn’t know that Darrin was buying the guitar out of his own pocket for his friend with Down Syndrome. Once she found out, she wrote to the news about Darrin’s kindness.

Shelby concluded her email to the news, writing, “This 16-year-old young man is such an incredible example for us all. He’s not obsessed with himself or showing off his incredible guitar skills – he just wants to help others play music too.”

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Teen\'s Gift of Guitar to Friend with Down Syndrome Goes Viral