They Tell Their Bird He’s Going To The Vet. You Won’t Believe His Reaction! HYSTERICAL!!

Who doesn’t hate going to the doctor. Children complain, and even we adults complain. But what about other creatures? They are the same as us! When Max the cockatoo was told he had to go to a vet, he reacts in such an exaggerated and hilarious way, you can’t help but laugh and be scared at the same time.

This birdie might hate going to the vet more than any other animal I have ever seen! He screams and shouts words that are pretty difficult for us to understand. Screaming is natural to cockatoos. In fact, that’s how they communicate with each other even when they are not arguing. I’m pretty sure he’s saying, “I don’t wanna,” and “What did I say?”

He has other ways of protesting going to the vet besides screaming though. First, he hides in the closet! It’s so cute. Then he goes under a small table, and proceeds to flap his wings and really get his feathers in a twist.. I have never seen a bird flap his wings like Max.

The look on his face and his mannerisms are so indignant! He is determined not to go to the vet. I think the vet needs to give him some treats, and then the next time he might be more willing to go. Or not. He’s a funny one!

Watch this little bird screaming his head off at the owner! This is really hilarious! What did you think of this? Let us know in the comments!

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