She Tells Her Cat It’s Time To Wake Up, Then The Cat Opens Its Mouth And Says This! Hilarious!

With her camera running, this cat owner approaches her tired cat and asks it to wake up. As you know, sleeping in on your day off is a pleasure unlike anything else and this cat feels the exact same way. He’s not ready to get up and start his day.

So when his owner asks him to wake up, he replies with a “meow” begging for just a few more minutes on the bed.

But the exchange doesn’t stop there. The owner then begins to negotiate with the cat.

“Do you want to sleep in?” she asks. “Meow,” replies her cat.

“For how much longer? Just two minutes?” she offers. “Meow,” her cat whines. And then flips into an even more comfortable position with his stomach exposed. “Meow”

“Okay, let’s make a deal. I’ll let you sleep for a few more minutes, if you continue to be cute,” she says.

I think that’s a deal we all agree is very fair. Watch the heart-warming footage now and see how cute this cat really is for the camera.

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