He Tells His Puppy To Roll Over. But What This Cat Does Instead Had Me In Stitches

Dogs are intelligent animals and this is no secret. Our long shared history with these animals has allowed them to understand and obey extremely complicated instructions. Now can the same be said of cats? Well, the feline absolutely things the answer is yes to that question and he’s bound to show us all! Cats are stereotypically thought of as self-centered and put off, maybe this is true, but this guy sure doesn’t seem to be either.

Not many would think that cats can be a ‘ready to do anything for the treat’ kind of animal. Watch the cat in this video proving everyone wrong. It appears that with proper training those cats too can do some very incredible tricks.

In the clip, we see two dogs and a friendly, eager cat. This cat’s name is Didga and has recently been seen all over the internet with her viral videos. Check out Didga here showing off her talents to the entire world. The owner is teaching some simple tricks to his two dogs and Didga. He says ‘roll over’ and two dogs expectedly follow his command. The surprise is yet to come as you see what Didga does in response to the instruction.

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