He Tells His Rottweilers To Roll Over. What The Kitty Cat Does Next? UNBELIEVABLE!

Training cats is next to impossible. They do what they want and if you try to tell a cat to do something it doesn’t want to… well, you’d be better off leaving it alone or you will have scratch marks on your face for a month. Dogs are infinitely easier, partly because they are mostly wired to want to please their mommies and daddies. Not so with cats. At one point, their inner circuitry was routed to “FLIPPANT.”

There are exceptions, though. One of them is in this video. Her name is Didga and she’s got a pretty good following on both YouTube and Instagram. The video shows her daddy have her first sit and then lay down with his two Rottweiler dogs. Daddy then indicates “Roll Over” to the first dog, who complies. Same with these second one. Then he gets to Didga, and when he gives her the “Roll Over” sign, she immediately leaps up and claws out his eyes. Just kidding. She rolls over too.

This is nearly unprecedented with cats. Other people have tried to do something similar with them and only been greeted with a stare that seems to say, “Really, Human? Really?” These are the same creatures that largely refuse to wear a leash. So forget about the “Roll Over” thing. Except Didga did it. Who knows if she’s been secretly expelled from the Society Of Cats for that behavior. “You did WHAT? Hand in your card, now! Oh, great, did you have to cough up a hairball NOW?”

Didga will probably prove to be the exception and not the norm. Otherwise, we might see cat obedience schools cropping up and we wouldn’t want to see people wasting their money. There’s a reason why there’s only ONE show about a guy who can understand cats. It’s not going to be a lucrative market. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy Didga for as long as we can – I just know that “FLIPPANT” switch will get thrown at some point.

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