The Temptations put their own amazing spin on a Christmas classic

“Silent Night” is one of the most heartwarming Christmas songs and definitely the most soothing. It was composed by Austrians Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr and debuted on Christmas Eve in 1818. It’s since become a Christmas standard the world over. The song is normally performed with a slow, lullaby-like rhythm — if you’re sitting by the fireplace with someone, it’ll make you want to put your arm around their shoulder and sway to the music. Of course, “Silent Night” has been reinterpreted in countless creative ways. So why not a Motown version?

The Temptations are an iconic Motown vocal group. They were founded in Detroit back in 1960 and in the years since, the group has had numerous different members and an enormous influence on Motown music. Really, their influence extends further: they’ve been covered by everyone from the Rolling Stones to Bette Midler and even Anthrax. The Temptations’ musical journey took them from Motown sound through psychedelic soul, funk, disco and on to adult contemporary. But throughout it all they kept their expert choreography, distinct harmony and impeccable, well-tailored suits.

“Merry Motown Christmas” was aired as a special on NBC in 1987. Among the many artists who took part were Redd Foxx, the Pointer Sisters, Natalie Cole, and The Temptations. “Silent Night” wasn’t the only song performed by The Temptations, but it was the most memorable. Ron Tyson sang the carol in an astonishing falsetto while the others provided backup vocals that complimented the melody remarkably well. It’s “Silent Night” like you’ve never heard before!

We’ve posted video of this unique “Silent Night” below. It’s more upbeat than the traditional version and yet it will still leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

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