Ten Voices Add Unbelievable Power and Range To ‘Mary, Did You Know’

A Rendition Of 'Mary, Did You Know' By 'Voctave' Feat. Mark Lowry‘Voctave’ sings a hymn of praise, joy, and renewal as they collaborate with the singer-songwriter and original artist of ‘Mary, Did You Know’ for a powerful recreation of his song. Ten voices come together in a heavenly acapella, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

Their rendition rewards one with an arrangement that showcases each individual voice while at the same time combining their range and power into a seemingly endless harmony that leaves you wanting more once the song has stopped. As an arrangement of devotion and praise, you’ll find few that can compare to the depth and flow of this fantastic vocal performance.

From the strong, steady buildup to the pinnacles of sound hit by their pianissimo high note at the end, ‘Mary, Did You Know’ utterly blows you away. Don’t miss this gracious display of vocal talent by Voctave feat. Mark Lowry, the songwriter & original artist who has one of the richest voices in the industry.

Ten Voices Add Unbelievable Power and Range To \'Mary, Did You Know\'