This Tenacious Elder Woman Ran Away From Retirement Home To Get A Tattoo! She’s So COOL!

We brought an incredible video today that shows us age is nothing but a number. Sadie Sellers, a 79 years old woman who lives in the Daleview nursing home, disappeared one day without saying goodbye. Her son, Tony, went to visit her one day to find out she was missing from the House. Thankfully, the grandma wasn’t in danger, she was just a hilarious case of seniors being rebels without a cause. When you see what she did while she was gone, you’re not going to believe your eyes!

Sadie was reported to leave without the retirement home’s staff noticing, and it was known that her granddaughter Samantha was the last one to see her, since she ran away the day of her visit. Only a few hours later, the truth came forth in the shape of a video uploaded by Samantha herself!

It turns out, Sadie had run away to get a tattoo! She saw her granddaughter had one, and decided to get one for herself, albeit a simple one. It’s a small heart design that she got on her shoulder. They ask her what she thinks her family will say after they see her new ink piece on her arm, and the way she responds, well, you just have to see for yourself!

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