Tennessee Soprano Impresses With Superb Range & Control

Mandi Thomas from Memphis, Tennessee, is a singer with a very different appeal from that which we are used to seeing on The Voice. The supreme soprano decided on the operatic masterpiece “Time to Say Goodbye” from Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman for her season eighteen blind audition.

Kelly Clarkson showed immediate appreciation for her epic range, turning first and staying standing for the whole duration of Mandi’s song. “I had goosebumps the entire time,” said Nick Jonas, who explained that he has no familiarity with the genre. Kelly loved how her prayers for an opera singer had finally been answered by a classically trained singer with a majestic voice.

Finding the perfect match to her vocal talent, Mandi Talent from Memphis advanced in The Voice. Her unbelievable blind audition was not only technically amazing and powerful in emotion and range, but equally strange for the show. The audience and coaches loved it, and we can’t wait to see where, or rather if, she diverts from classical opera.