Sip on the best ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ performances from ‘The Voice’

The Voice Global is a reality TV singing championship that has brought talented singers worldwide. The show’s format is based on blind auditions. The judges or music coaches first listen to the contestant without facing them.

If they like the song, they press the red button that automatically turns their chair around towards the contestant showing their approval of their performance. It instantly tells the performers that they are interested in coaching them. ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ is one of those few songs that is a favorite for many contestants across The Voice Global.

In the sixth series of The Voice Australia, Judah Kelly impresses the judges, George, Seal, Kelly, & Delta, with his deep voice. He sings the classic by Chris Stapleton, a rendition of David Allan Coe’s original ‘Tennessee Whiskey.’

In the following video clip, Bibash Upreti sings ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ in The Voice Portugal Blind Auditions. He mesmerizes the live audience and the judges, Dino D’Santiago, Carolina Deslandes, Marisa Liz, and Diogo Piçarra.

The following clip has Andrew Telles’s Blind Audition from The Voice of Germany. He also sang the same classic hit by Stapleton. Jack Bruley follows Andrew, who manages to impress coach Jennifer Hudson in The Voice UK with the ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ rendition.

Morgan Myles also recently chose to perform on Stapleton’s hit track during The Voice’s top 10 live performances. She is accompanied by a live orchestra and background singers. She is the only female in the video clip to perform the soulful track.

Other singers, like Morgan Myles (The Voice USA), Jordy Marcs (The Voice Australia), Ruben (The Voice van Vlaanderen), Paris Winningham (The Voice USA) & Björn Meyer (The Voice of Germany), also chose this classic track as their Blind Audition song.

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Sip on the best \'Tennessee Whiskey\' performances from \'The Voice\'