The Tenors have something to teach the world: Santa’s Wish

Victor Micallef, Clifton Murray, and Fraser Walters are “The Tenors,” an amazing vocal group that specializes in operatic pop, a genre that takes motifs and themes from classical music and opera and and gives them expression in a pop style. The Tenors love being eclectic. According to Walters, “I think we all knew we didn’t want to go down one road, or stick to one genre. Victor was in a rock band at one point, with hair down to his butt, and then sang these amazing operas in Italy.” Micallef agrees: “We never put what we do into a category. We just follow our hearts into whatever comes out at that moment, so that we could do a rock festival or a symphony show.” They’ve performed with other big stars, appeared on numerous television shows, and even gave a special concert for Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

In 2017, The Tenors released “Christmas Together,” their second Christmas album. All three members of the group have been singing Christmas songs since they were kids, whether at home around the tree or out caroling. With “Christmas Together,” The Tenors are seeking to “relive those magical childhood memories and bring our fans along for this nostalgic journey.” To make sure the album was going to be perfectly polished, they brought producers Keith Thomas and Bob Ezrin into the project along with Oscar-winning orchestrator Jorge Calandrelli.

One especially beautiful song from The Tenors’ latest Christmas album is “Santa’s Wish.” We’ve posted the music video for you below. What Billboard Magazine said of the whole album certainly applies to this song: “The star of the show is The Tenors’ voices and tasteful arrangements, which flow liquid-smooth from tag-team lead exchanges to rich, choral harmony.”

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