Terrific Trio Puts Modern Twist on Classic Hymn “I’ll Fly Away.”

Whether you’ve spent years of your life singing old hymns in church or they’re something you’ve heard in movies, these beautiful songs are hard to remake. The popular singing trio Gentri takes a shot at covering the classic hymn “I’ll Fly Away.”

The three talented gentlemen that make up the band Gentri are known for singing popular chart-topping songs and old hymns. When they decide to put their own modern twist on “I’ll Fly Away,” it’s nothing short of amazing.

With lyrics like “When I die, Hallelujah, by and by, I’ll fly away,” you can’t help but sing along. With smooth harmonies, the trio brings this classic song justice and gives an astounding performance. Of course, the gentlemen made a music video for the song as well.

When “I’ll Fly Away” gets a fresh makeover from Gentri, they show that you can still sing old songs and make them new again. There’s no doubt that these three men are born to make music and have the talent to sing any tune their heart desires.

Terrific Trio Puts Modern Twist on Classic Hymn \