Terrified Cow Cries Real Tears … Until She Realizes She’s Going Somewhere Amazing!

Emma is a cow with a past sad enough to break even the hardest of hearts. She was raised as cattle for meat, and her owners kept her chained to a trailer. She never had interactions with a herd of her own.

Luckily for Emma, a group of animal lovers stepped in to help. The dairy farm where Emma lived declared bankruptcy, and founders of an animal sanctuary stepped in, adopting the 25 cows that would have headed to slaughter.

When rescuers found her, her eyes were wide and watery, as if she’d been crying. There was no doubt she was terrified, and after living life in chains, there’s no wonder why. But when Emma was moved to the sanctuary where she could be with other cows, it wasn’t long before she was perking back up.

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