When This Terrified Buck Realizes He’s Here To Help, He Goes Limp In Hunter’s Arms

Deer are typically not comfortable around people. They are usually terrified and run away, and for a good reason. Most deer have learned that when they see a human around, that their life is in danger.

So imagine that you are a deer that has been caught in a fence. Suddenly, you see a car pull up with the headlights shining bright in your face. A man steps out, and he is dressed in full camouflage hunting gear. At this point, you fear the worst.


It may seem strange to us and even stranger to the deer caught in the fence, but when hunters come across a trapped or helpless animal, they are generally inclined to help rather than harm.

In this video, a hunter sees a deer caught in a fence. He pulls over and helps it out, and the moment the deer finally realizes he is helping, it is so incredible. This poor buck was absolutely terrified, and when he realized he was being helped, well, the moment is actually very sweet. This deer was very lucky that the hunter happened upon him.

When This Terrified Buck Realizes He\'s Here To Help, He Goes Limp In Hunter\'s Arms