I Was Terrified When A Wolf Approached That Woman. But When The Wolf Did THIS Next, I LOST It!

Wolves are wild and sometimes unpredictable creatures. They are stunning to look at, but humans don’t necessarily socialize with them. And they don’t try to mix in with us either. But the wolves featured in this clip are slightly different. Kekoa the wolf loves his human friends. A woman called Danielle is one of his favorite individuals in the world.

Kekoa and his friend Sakura are residents at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. Danielle is very experienced at interacting with wolves and these two know her very well. She knows them well too, and has no fear in interacting with them and getting in the snow with them.

The video below features a beautiful moment between Danielle and the beautiful animals. They also appear to be very comfortable with the woman behind the camera, and Sakura won’t leave her alone while she’s trying to film. We can’t see their interaction, but we can hear it, and it’s pretty amusing.

It is surreal how comfortable they are with each other. Kekoa loves it when Danielle pets him and even rolls over for a belly rub. He can’t enough love and attention from her. You are going to be in awe when you see this! The relationship between these wolves and this woman, both women actually, is really incredible to see. The wolves are still wild animals, but not around these two.

Watch this amazing video below! What are your thoughts about this amazing interaction? Let us know them in the comments!

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