Terrifying 4-Legged Monster Comes Racing out Of the Water Chasing a Boat

We should always be aware of the world around us and the animals that share our planet. There are many creatures that we think are meek and docile, but given certain circumstances, even the meek become fiery beasts, raging with anger and protectiveness for their loved ones. This video shows a huge animal racing against a boat.

Now, if you’ve ever seen a hippo, you’d think that those huge animals are too large to be fast. Either on land or in the water. But these guys are a force to be reckoned with. Here’s a fun fact for you – hippos are the cause for more human deaths than any other animals. Well, I guess that’s not really a fun fact, but that gives you an inkling that these lumbering beasts cannot be trifled with.


When these guys went on a boat ride, they saw something large rushing at them from the water. It almost looked like there was an underwater monster that was gaining speed, which was scary as the people on the boat couldn’t make out what it was until it reached too close for comfort. I didn’t know they could swim that fast.

You can hear the guy in the boat accelerating to stay out of the hippo’s path. I bet THAT made a lot of people think twice about approaching a hippo, and probably the visitors on the boat ride have one fantastic story to tell.

Terrifying 4-Legged Monster Comes Racing out Of the Water Chasing a Boat