The Terrifying Tale One Teen Tells! His Close And Intimate Dance With Death Leads To Faith

Death is something we all share. We will all meet the same fate one day, barring some circumstances of how. A lot of us will die in a bed, others decide fighting bears will go well, only to realize all too quickly, how horribly wrong they are. It comes randomly and suddenly at times, surprising the wits and life out of all of us. However, for Zach Clements, the experience left him with quite a bit to say.

Clements has been described by others as a rather healthy and athletic young adult. He was outgoing and optimistic about his future. This would all change one faithful day in Physical Education. As he was running, enjoying the weather and friends, he suddenly felt a surge. He collapsed to the ground and was unresponsive to outside stimuli.

The teacher acted quickly, alerting 911 to their need for assistance. The teacher went on to call the young boy’s mother. Upon examination, the paramedics realized the boy was dead. They packed him up carefully and rushed him to the hospital. The paramedics did their best to help the young boy regain consciousness, but unfortunately, they had to put him into a medically induced coma. After 20 minutes of death the young boy became somewhat stable. The medically induced coma left the boy with the best-case scenario. After being dead for twenty long minutes the boy risked suffering a myriad of medical complications. Lack of oxygen to the brain means a higher chance of brain death. Without that brain, that’s pretty much it.

After three excruciating days of waiting, three long days and three long nights, the young boy finally awoke. The tactic had worked. Kind of like a reset for death, the medically induced coma brought his stats back to a baseline.
His amazing revelation? You won’t believe what he must say! What a shocking experience. Share this amazing tale of faith with a friend and enrich their lives.

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