Terrorized Child Enters The Courthouse To Testify. Now See What These Tough Bikers Do…

Everyone knows that you should not judge a book by its cover right?  Most of us don’t really follow this little gem of advice even though time and time again it is proven to be true. Sadly, we all still miss out on some amazing people, places and things, just based on looks.

What’s your first thought when you see a group of leather clad bikers? Most of us assume the worst and I’m honestly no different. However if you are lucky enough to meet the Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), a biker group with a tough look but have amazing hearts. These bikers help the victims of child abuse by offering protection and helping get their confidence back.

The victims that they help out have been through some of the darkest things imaginable in the human experience. The video below shows just how these amazing bikers give these kids their lives back! BACA members escort these children to and from school and therapy, as well as join them on their court dates and let them know that there is always someone watching out for them. In this video, Crime Watch Daily catches up with the BACA crew in Los Angeles while they are meeting up with their latest member.

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