They Tested This Crow With A Puzzle To Find Out How Smart He Was. The Answer? Really Smart!

Too often we think of animals as being stupid. We humans often think that where the only smart ones around. But animals have proven their intelligence to us time and time again. When it comes to brainpower we have seen that elephants, dogs, and other primates are very capable.

As it turns out, crows are very smart as well. To test just a smart some scientists got together to test these crows to see what they would do. Dr Alex Taylor has done many experiments on wild birds.

In this experiment he set a difficult problem for the crow. This is an excerpt from a show called Inside the Animal Mind: Episode 2 which aired on BBC2. I had no idea that crows were so smart; they might even top the list of smart animals! Watch this video and be stunned by their solution to this experiment!

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